Want More Joy in Your Life? Do This!

If only my mother knew her tidying habits could have turned into a million dollar business. Every friend I knew was “Marie Kondoing” their apartment and urged me to watch her Netflix series too. I was instantly hooked and began the KonMari method in my small New York apartment. And then, I thought, what a great method for your mind. Most of the time our minds are swarmed with thoughts that steal our joy, thoughts that flat out make us feel defeated and depressed. So, why not clean it up?

But, how do we apply the KonMari method to our minds? Begin by creating awareness around your thoughts. Take inventory of the thoughts that continually go in and out of your mind. Writing them down may create a lot of awareness as to what your thoughts are. Checking in on your breath and creating a focal point with the breath helps you do this. You begin to create space and awareness around your thoughts. Most of the thoughts we have are completely unconscious and therefore we perpetuate them unconsciously. When you begin to create awareness around the thoughts that steal your joy it gives you the power to change them. I urge you to be gentle with them. Getting angry or feeling defeated serves no purpose. The things your resist persist so it’s important not to resist it.

My teacher taught me a simple yet powerful mantra to do when thoughts arise while meditating. Gently say, “Thanks, I’ll think about that later.” This works great for any unwanted thoughts too. When you don’t feed into unwanted thoughts they’ll die down and diminish. Begin to replace old thoughts with new ones. I always have post-it notes taped to my mirror with positive affirmations. Creating new affirmations and meditating on them help these new thoughts become new positive thought habits. Cleaning up our inside world is just as important as cleaning up our outside world. The Marie Kondo method has helped me be a more organized person in my outside world. Meditating and being mindful of my thoughts has really allowed me to clean up my inside world.

Our thoughts are powerful because our thoughts become habits and our habits become our reality. So, always checking in to make sure that the thoughts you’re thinking are bringing you joy. Today, I was struggling with my thoughts about being a better writer, being better at my business and being better at saying no. My awareness allowed me to quickly notice these thoughts and then combat them with something more positive like, “Hey, you’re doing a lot more than most people do. Most people dream of writing and never put the pen to the paper. Most people dream of starting a business and never take the first step. You’ve taken all the steps to make this happen”. That is what you want do with your mind. You want to organize, take inventory and be mindful of only creating thoughts that bring you joy. Negative thoughts will always arise but with practice, you can replace those negative thoughts with joyful thoughts.

Every thought is a seed. And seeds grow into whatever they are. Tomato seeds create tomato plants. If your seed is joy more things to be joyful about will arise.  If your seeds are anxious thoughts about what may happen then more anxious thoughts will grow. Clean up your thoughts and plant more seeds of what you want to see in your life. Thoughts are just tiny seeds and we water them by thinking about them over and over. What thoughts are you watering?