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Episode #10: Getting to Know Who You Really Are Through Meditation w Kat Fowler 

Written by: Angela Accomando

Kat Fowler the Host of Soul Awakening Podcast gives such a heart warming, insightful interview that will give you so much to think about right now. Between going back to what she already knew to heal herself from anxiety and agoraphobia to how we can heal the world ourselves. This is an episode that will keep you glued to your headphones listening.

She also explains what's going on right now from a spiritual perspective, what's coming & how going within ourselves is what will ultimately change the world we live in. She'll also walk us through how you can begin to go inward during this opportunity we've been given right now.  Kat also talks about leaving a successful career in the Yoga world and how she felt the pull to energy healing & meditation.

Things you don't wanna miss:

13:37 If I don’t have this title in XY and Z well then who am I? 

18:01 The protest the riot the revolution is individually each person, every single person matters if everyone can go inward individually & use this opportunity for spiritual growth that is what will create the shift on a global level it’s not anymore about putting out signs and going in a building, it’s about in your building in your home and unearthing the shadows of fear & becoming a responsible creators.

She also talks about COVID and the global reset we're going through.
17:41 This is a global opportunity for humans to unify & become one from a heart level from a heart space & see how we can shift this.

15:52 We’re going through this shadow period, dark night of the soul where everyone is forced to be home. Distractions are removed

Things Mentioned:​

Kat is offering 30% off her services enter the code HEAL. You can find Kat Fowler at the following links below. 


https://www.instagram.com/katfowler/ @katfowler

Also great time to binge listen to soul awakening podcast. https://www.instagram.com/soulawakeningpodcast/

Here's Kat's first episode she recommends to listen to https://www.soulawakeningpodcast.com/episodes/episode-1-signs-you-are-going-through-a-spiritual-awakening

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