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   Episode 2: What would your life look like if you followed your heart?  

Written by: Angela Accomando


What would happen if you just followed your heart? Where would it lead you and what would you finally do? Mike McSwain shares with us how an astrology reading & the hunt for the perfect croissant led him to follow his. As he opened his heart and “kept hearing the clues” it led him to the most unlikely place. He’ll share with us the opportunities that meditation gives us. 

This episode is a must listen if you…

  • Want inspiration to follow your heart

  • Need help getting “turned on” to meditation

  • Want to learn how meditation can help you become more creative & enter the “flow state”

  • Are looking for some great tips to make meditation an everyday practice

I’m so excited to share Mike’s story with you today. He provides such insight and helpful, practical tips to help you get a meditation practice going.  

Things you don't wanna miss:

[3:34] - I don't think the Universe gives second chances but, if it did this is yours.

[5:20]- Just go follow your heart, it will tell you where to go.

[6:11]- I came back to NY & kept following my heart & found myself on these hour long bike rides on the East River & all of these emotions came up for me.

[8:50]-Mike talk about life before Meditation.

[16:50]-Michael shares his meditation style.

[18:35]- Mike talks about how to get yourself "turned on" with a meditation practice so, it doesn;t feel like just another thing to do.

[21:05]-Mike share's his own meditation tips.

[21:41]-"You wanna give the dog a treat".

[22;35]- Do the work at the level that you're at and recognize that one day you might be a level ten & one day...

Things Mentioned:​

You can find Mike at @mikemcswain in Instagram

Wednesday Mornings  8:15 am Smile Meditation at The Three Jewels for SMILE Meditation

Online Friday 9 am at www.mindoasis.org coupon code:  '30 FRIENDS' for 30 FREE days of Mind Oasis

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