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Remember the importance & benefit of meditation!

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“ I do your challenge every morning with my husband & it's been a beautiful way we start our day together” -Trish

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What Others Say about the challenge


I looked forward to getting the meditations in my inbox everyday.

They helped me with my anxiety a lot more than I thought and helped me start my day off better.




The Self Love meditation challenge helped me reset and remember the importance and the benefit of meditation and motivating me to get back into my practice.

Mom & Physical Therapist


The Self Love Meditation challenge helped me start my day without feeling overwhelmed and anxious! I loved hearing the guided meditations they were very soothing to have everyday it helped me get my day started.


Positive Side Effects of  Meditation

Feel Happier

Find Peace

Slow Down Aging

Helps Ease Anxiety

Ease Stress

Get Better Sleep

Increases Positive Emotions

Decreases Chronic Pain

Decreases Migraines

Decreases PTSD 

       MY NAME IS...
       Angela Accomando

I'm a Certified Meditation Teacher & I will be your host. Meditation is my passion and I'll help make it easy! I began meditating during one of the hardest times in my life and it has helped alleviate years of anxiety and has allowed me to be a happier person.

I never thought I could find time to meditate as a Mom of 4 but, I found Teachers who taught me how to make this happen in my life. Since then it's transformed my life. 

 It's helped me be a more focused, get things done & helped me lead a purpose driven business. I believe it will do the same for you! 

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