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   Episode 003: The Transformational tool that helped a NYC chef cut through anxiety

Written by: Angela Accomando


Forty Million Americans suffer from Anxiety each year and meditation can be a transformational tool to ease it. If a NYC Pastry Chef can find relief from anxiety while working in a busy NYC restaurant you can too. Chef Erin Kamerer shares the tools she uses when it comes to calming her anxiety, even during a busy night in the kitchen.

I was so surprised to hear how Erin began a meditation practice and all the insights and practical tools and no nonsense advice she gives about anxiety. She’ll tell you how you can easily make meditation an everyday practice and how sometimes meditation doesn’t look like what you think it does. 

This episode is a must listen to if you…

  • Struggle with anxiety 

  • Work in the restaurant industry & could use some tips & tools to help calm the anxiety that comes with being in the restaurant industry

  • You’d like some real insight as to where anxiety comes from in your life & how to grab a hold of it

  • Are thinking about doing a vipassana retreat & aren't sure if that’s the thing for you

This had to be one of the first episodes I released because it’s jam packed with so much wisdom. Erin really speaks the truth when it comes to managing anxiety and really understanding where it comes from and how much control over it we really have. If this episode really gave you some “AHA” moments DM me and let me know @angelaccomando

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Things you don't wanna miss:

[5:47] Erin explains what led her to a 10 day silent meditation retreat & how it changed her life.

[7:42] The benefits of a silent retreat & how it's easier than you think.

[8:34] Erin explains how she shifted her anxiety

[9:05] So much of the anxiety I experienced myself I was created myself.

[11:02] I am responsible for stepping out of it and I have the agency to do so .

[14:00]There's never a day when I'm not practicing there are just days when my practice doesn't look like sitting on a cushion.

[14:25] Gratitude & breath practice daily are what has helped the most.

[17:37] Erin explains how to get started & making meditation easy.

Things Mentioned:​

Find Erin on Instagram @eckamm

You can find her food at Electric Lemon Hudson Yards NYC

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