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Episode 1: Welcome from Angela Accomando?

After hustling her whole life, podcast host of End the Hustle introduces herself and explains why she ended the hustle. 

You can learn more about Angela, her coaching and other offers by visiting her website www.angelaaccomando.com

She also has another podcast she hosts called "Meditate on This". 

Episode 2: Embracing the Winter Season in Your Life.

Sanda Skoro is a spiritual life and business coach who helps women cut through the noise of the outside world and create a successful business from within, one that is aligned with their soul’s purpose and feminine cyclical energy, and that does not involve hard work, burnout, or chasing results that ultimately don’t matter. She’s lived in four countries and speaks five languages, and currently enjoys life in Slovenia with her fiance, Luka.

You can find Sands at www.sandaskoro.si

On Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sandashkoro/

We have to realize that we are part of nature and that nature has its cycle.”  - Sanda Skoro 


Tune in this episode as Sanda and I discuss the Four Seasons of life: its importance and how it affects 

other aspects such as business, and what we can do during specific seasons like winter (dark) and the 

menstrual (bleeding) cycle. We also delve deeper into understanding the feminine energy. 



  1. Introducing Sanda Skoro. (00:40) 

  1. You’re okay the way you are. You’re enough! (2:19) 

  1. We teach what we need to learn. (2:33) 

  1. Each one of us is a powerful creator.” (3:28) 

  1. We can’t be on all the time. We have to rest and we have to respect our nature.  (3:40) 

  1. Our business is just an extension of who we are. (3:49) 

  1. Everyone defines success in a different way. (4:27) 

  1. How can somebody easily gets started with working with the cycle and how to keep it simple? (6:00) 

  1. We have to realize that we are part of nature and that nature has its cycle (4 seasons).” (6:06) 

  1. The menstrual cycle. (9:07) 

  1. We’re not supposed to be perfect; we’re supposed to be learning.” (15:08) 

  1. Surrender.” (18:50) 

  1. Control is just an illusion. (19:21) 

  1. Whenever there’s a lack of something, there’s also an abundance of something else.” (25:00) 

  1. Advice for those experiencing winter season in their lives. (27:10) 

  1. Give yourself some grace. (27:10) 

  1. Comfort is over rated. (27:25) 

  1.  You are not a human doing, you are a human being. (31:58) 

  1. What does it mean to work with the feminine energy and how to incorporate it in our lives? (33:10) 

  1. Feminine energy is all about allowing and not demanding. (33:49) 

  1. It’s all about collaborating! We’re not supposed to create everything by ourselves. (35:44) 

  1. We should heal before we proceed. (46:04) 

  1. You have to feel the feeling first. (26:27) 



  1. BOOK: Do LesBy Kate Northup 

  1. BOOK: The Gentle Sleep Book By Sarah Ockwell-Smith