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Managing your Anxiety is Possible!

And, so is going after your dreams without sacrificing being a good Mom. 

 I want to know:

Do you feel anxious with all your Momsponsabilities?

Are you constantly thinking about your child's life & what's going to happen?

Does Morning Madness spark anxiety that snowballs throughout the day?

Does someone need you the minute you sit down to work on "your thing"?

Is the pressure of being everything to everyone create so much anxiety you freeze not knowing what to do next?

Now let me ask you this:

What are you doing about this?


Not just thinking but, really taking action to calm your anxiety & help you move from freeze mode to forward motion?

I Bet You're Not Putting Yourself First Right?

Hi! I'm Angela Accomando

I want to share the tools I learned to calm my anxiety & create a peaceful, happy & healthy life.


As an entrepreneur, Mom & Coach I discovered anxiety doesn’t have to hold you back from having the life you envision for yourself.

And, managing your anxiety isn’t as hard as you think.

Does this Sound Familiar?

  • You're worried that you're child won't succeed & you feel guilt about not spending enough time with him/her
  • You're trying to do everything (get to work on time, picking up the kids, getting dinner done)
  • The whole balancing act of work/family/life is stressful & causes anxiety
  • Trying to get through the Morning Madness is, well madness
  • You're trying to make everyone happy 
  • You find yourself rushing all over the place but, the "to do" list is never ending
  • You have a hard time getting to sleep at night 

And your biggest anxiety yet!

You don’t think you’ll ever be able to overcome this feeling of anxiety you feel

Every. Single. Day.

Because you're stuck in a cycle of anxiety

And, that's what has you in freeze mode. Not knowing what to do next, how to move forward with your own work while being a Mom to your kids.  


But, I will tell you that you can conquer your anxiety and create a Peaceful, Happy life put your work out into the world without sacrificing motherhood. 

Khadijah T

Licensed Clinical Social Worker-Richmond Va

Angela brings so much passion to her work. Her focus is healing holistically. I have begun to approach my time, body & relationships in a whole new way. I thank her for always being a voice of calm in a world of so much to do. 

You want to....

Be your Happiest You (not just meh!)

Create more Peace in Life

Manage Anxiety so it no longer manages you

Be more Patient 

Create more Awareness

Stop worrying about your child

Stop the morning madness & it's snowball effect

Feel more at peace & escape the chatter in your mind

Step in to your highest potential and find Joy

Find a balance between Work/Family/Life

Check things off your to do list without stressing

Stop feeling like you have to do everything

Figure out how to get all your Momsponabilities done (dinner, kids, work, bills) 

Hit the pillow & fall asleep fast

Start your side biz that you've been dreaming about for years 

Re-connect with your child

Feel lighter & more fulfilled

​It's time to Manage Anxiety, so it no longer Manages You!

Rachel Webb

Director 3 Jewels NYC

Angela tells it like it is. If you want to work with someone who has truly applied the practices to her life, and made real substantial changes, look no further. Angela brings humor & care to her clients.

This is where I can help you:

Manage your Anxiety


  • Getting to the root cause
  • Learning how to understand & work with it
  • Learning practical tools to calm anxiety
  • Creating systems in your life so you don't set your mind off in fight or flight mode 
  • Using it as your greatest ally

Find Peace


  • Using ancient wisdom to tap into your inner peace
  • Learning relaxation techniques that activates calm in your body
  • Prioritizing your life
  • Learning how to let go & surrender
  • Reconnecting with yourself so, you always know what you need to create peace

Live a Healthy, Happy Life


  • Learning tools & techniques that create a happy mind
  • Learning how to invoke happiness at any time
  • Learning where happiness really comes from
  • Learning how to create a happy environment

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If you can relate to some of this & you think you may be ready to finally move beyond your anxiety & forward with your desires let's talk!


UI/UX Designer

Angela gives generously & authentically to others. This is because she has DONE the work necessary. She is polished and hilarious in equal spades-let her crack your heart open & then blow your mind with her wisdom. 

I know how you feel trust me and the reason I know is because I was you! 

Can you say yes to any of these questions?

  • You toss and turn at night thinking about….how you can help ensure your kids will be successful in life.
  • You don't know where to begin with your never ending to do list
  • You find it hard to balance work/mom/life and the time to do it all. Getting dinner on the table, getting each kid to their activity on time, getting the kids on & off the bus and forget about it if someone gets sick. (especially if that someone is you)
  • The Morning madness ignites anxiety that snowballs throughout the day

I hear you & I’m here to tell you there is a way out!

You don’t have to stay in this madness.

You can have a Peaceful, Happy, Healthy life.

If you’re looking for more happiness & peace for you & your family it can be done through

Real. Concrete. Actionable Steps. 

​You are in the right place. 

But, Who the Heck am I ?

I’m a Mom of 4

I’m a Wife

I’m an entrepreneur

An advocate for Women & Children's rights

I’m a former Plant Based Chef 

I’m a fun addict (no one's gonna be around me & not have fun wink!)

I’m everyone’s biggest Cheerleader

I’m a food lover (especially street food)

I’m an Inspirational Speaker

I’m a fierce advocate for Domestic Violence Victims, Survivors & Thrivers

I'm a Changemaker

I’m an avid seeker of life, it’s purpose & deep teachings left by mistics, saints & those alike

I'm a cheerleader for all Women looking to go deeper, heal & put their work into the world

I’m really just like you….

A Mom trying to do her best to be there for her kids, be a good friend, a great Wife & bring more light to the world. I use to have debilitating anxiety & depression. There were times leaving the house seemed overwhelming. I always put my dreams on the back burner because I've learned how to only survive & get through life. 

Until I learned how the patriarchy created this system & now I work hard to dismantle it not only in my own life but, in the lives of the Women I work with. 

I use fear & anxiety as my ally! !

Now, I teach those same transformational teachings & tools that were taught to me that helped me find peace, happiness & create the life I envisioned for myself. 

My work is deep but, taught in a Fun and Practical way!

How and where did I learn this?


After becoming a single Mom and going through my own crisis I was stuck in a place of anxiety I didn’t see a way out of. My emotions were all over the place. I would burst out crying at any minute for any reason. I was filled with anger. 


I found myself in a desperate place to get help and I found a teacher that led me to other teachers who taught me tools and ancient teachings that I use in every area of my life whether it’s business, kids, marriage, friends, triggers, hurts, pains & most of all my overwhelming anxiety. 


I realized that no matter what was going I could rely on these teachings for every area of my life.  


They helped me understand where my anxiety was coming from. Why I felt guilty following my own dreams. They also helped me move from being frozen and stuck in my own anxiety to moving forward with the things that were important to me.

This helped me create a happier, more peaceful life and healthier life.

 My intention is to share these teachings with the world.

My wish is that it does for you what it did for me.

I’m here to pass on the same teachings so you can have the transformation in whatever area of your own life you’re looking for.

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Angela Accomando is a freedom fighter, fearless advocate and a compelling voice in the fight against domestic violence.

She has used her advocacy & proposed law 4467-A. This bill was signed into law by the New York State Governour in 2019. This law helps to better serve victims and allow them easier access to filing reports for crimes against them. 

She is a wife and mother of four children. She is a life-long learner & self healer.

Angela has grit and has always thrived through her adversity, used it to learn and then help those around her.

She's been an entrepreneur since age 18. She has redefined her life to live life with purpose, passion & drive to empower Women to make anxiety their ally & overcome the patriarchy so they can move past their fears and live out their dreams.