How meditating can make you look younger!

If I told you meditating would slow down the aging process would you finally commit to a daily practice? Scientific evidence is showing this to be true. Meditating can slow down aging. But how? At the end of our chromosomes are stretches of DNA called […]

Five Simple Strategies To Start A Meditation Practice

Starting a meditation practice is overwhelming for everyone. My teacher shared with me that he stared at his cushion every morning for a year and a half before he was able to cultivate a practice of his own. It doesn’t have to be like that. […]

Want More Joy in Your Life? Do This!

If only my mother knew her tidying habits could have turned into a million dollar business. Every friend I knew was “Marie Kondoing” their apartment and urged me to watch her Netflix series too. I was instantly hooked and began the KonMari method in my […]