Hi! I'm Angela

I use to put my dreams on hold until I realized the most powerful thing I could do for my kids was to follow my own dreams

I just wanted to be the best Mom I could be to my kids...

But, what I was really doing was showing them that the only thing Mom can do is take care of other people.

My intentions were in the right place & when we learn better we do better.

It looked like I was putting myself first to others but, that wasn't the truth...

Everything I did was to insure that my family was financially okay, & the kids were taken care of. 

I always said "one day" but, I didn't know when that one day would be.

I struggled with getting clear on what I wanted to do.

I knew I wanted to make change in the world & I always found myself the happiest when I saw others chasing their dreams.

I allowed the stories I told myself about not having the time, imposter syndrome & my responsibilities as a Mom get in the way of really moving forward with my passion. And, then I realized....

The only way I'll empower my own daughter & show my sons that Women can do more than just take care of other people was to lead by example.


And, the only way you can empower the world is to lead by example, make space for your work & put it out into the world!

We wait for a crisis...

 before making powerful changes in life that will ultimately change the world because...

We fall for what the world tells us about what we should be doing & what success looks like. What our lives should look like & if it falls even   the smallest bit into the box it says it should, we sacrifice our dreams for it. 


 But, real change begins under our own roof first. Going after the desires of your heart doesn't make you any less of a Mother.  Scheduling time on your calendar for your heart-centered work doesn't make you selfish. 

 It's actually one of the most powerful thinks you can do. When you do it for you you're really doing it for them anyway. 

And, when they come to you and ask you for something instead of feeling overwhelmed and going into a freeze state, you'll have more patience & be more centered because you got your work out into the world.

“I drew a line in the sand"

I promised myself that I would make time for me & the work that was important to get out into the world. 

I stood up for what I believed in & in 2019 the Governor of New York signed a bill into law that I proposed to help victims of Domestic Violence. 

I decided that my life's mission was to help other women to tap into the power that lies within them to make powerful change in the world. 

I do my work through 1-1 coaching & online programs (soon to come).


I want you to embark on your own journey & change the world in your own unique way

We crossed paths for a reason

I believe there hasn't been a time in history more important to get your work out into the world & empower others with it. 

I know how hard it is to take that first step towards creating boundaries, asking for help, getting focused & putting your work into the world.

I know how to help you with all of that. I can get you out of freeze mode & into inspiration mode. The place where the world needs you most. You are here for a reason. You have a divine purpose on this planet & you'll feel alive when you're finally doing it.

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