You’re an amazing Mom and don’t let anyone tell you anything different. You’ve dedicated your life to this job. One of the hardest, most unappreciated jobs in the world but, a job you wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. 

The most important thing to you is your relationship with your child.

You may have found yourself in a period of disconnect with your child. Maybe you feel frustrated with what to do and how to get back to that place you once were or some place better. 

So many things can create distance between us and our children.

The teenage years can be tough then add on social media and the dreaded cell phone. Maybe a crisis occurs and puts you in completely different directions.

You’re thinking you shouldn’t be so disconnected to the one you were once so close to. 

I know how this feels. When I almost lost my daughter I was desperate to help her and, reconnect so I could be the mom she needed me to be and be there for my other children as well. 

I was blessed to find Teachers who guided me on a path that helped me to reconnect not only to my daughter but, to all my children and allow us to thrive as a family. I spent almost a decade working with these teachers. 

They gave me teachings and tools that provided me with exactly what I needed to rebuild my relationship stronger than ever with my growing children during a difficult time in all our lives. 

I've taken almost a decade of teachings and created a simple method for Moms to reconnect with their children in a deeper way than ever before.

Let's work together.....

One on One Coaching

Angela offers a limited amount of coaching appointments. If you feel called to work with her 1 on 1 click the link below to schedule a session. 

All coaching is done  via Zoom. Sessions are held in New York Eastern Standard time and are recorded. The recording will be emailed to you within 24 hours of call. 

SPREAD Love Method 

In this 90 day course you'll learn how to connect with your child in a deeper more meaningful way. You can take this course at your leisure and choose from doing the course solo or together with a tribe of other Moms. 

You'll have lifetime access to this course for you to go back, review and refresh your mind. 

We'll go over my entire SPREAD LOVE Method & have two weeks of implementation time. 

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