Angela tells it like it is. If you want to work with a meditation teacher who has truly applied the practices to her life, and made real substantial changes, look no further. Angela brings humor and care to her students, and a fiery delightful personality.- Rachel W, Brooklyn NY

Angela is a rock star! She is an incredible meditation teacher! Her approach is very real, wise and powerful. She will help you get to the core of your problem, whatever stops you from reaching your goals, and to transform that obstacle in a positive, kind and fun way.

I highly recommend Angela as a life coach. -Milla M,NY, NY

Angela is a powerful meditation teacher and coach. The way she channels her life experience into helping others is truly inspiring. She's led me in meditation on multiple occasions and each time I've learned something new & valuable. I highly recommend reaching out to Angela for guided sessions and more. She is truly special. - Kurt P, Brooklyn, NY

Angela has a no nonsense approach when it comes to meditation. Her presence glows with enthusiasm and humor; she just simply warms my heart and feeds my soul.- Tim M, Brooklyn NY

Angela gives generously and authentically to others. This is because she has done the WORK necessary to show up in the world with the wish to be of service. She is polished and hilarious in equal spades- let her crack your heart open and then blow your mind with her wisdom. - Supriya J, Queens N