Guiding Moms

 to a deeper, more meaningful connection with their child 

 Providing practical tools to reconnect with the most important person in your world...your child!

“Our children have the potential to be the greatest door keepers for our own spiritual growth.”

Hi, I'm ANgela!

A Mom of 4, Wife & Mindfulness Parent Coach. I work with Moms who are looking to connect with their children in a deeper, more meaningful way. I use mindfulness tools & techniques to reconnect mothers with their children so, they can have a thriving relationship together. 

I teach practical tools to use everyday in every situation.

I promise to guide you to a closer connection with your child. 


What Others Say


Angela tells it like it is. If you want to work with someone who has truly applied the practices to her life, and made real substantial changes, look no further. Angela brings humor & care to her clients.

Rachel Webb 

 / Fashion Blogger


Angela is a powerful teacher & coach. The way she channels her life experience into helping others is truly inspiring. I've learned something new & valuable each time I've worked with her. I highly recommend her. She is truly special.

Kurt P.

/ Marketing Creative


Angela gives generously & authentically to others. This is because she has DONE the work necessary. She is polished and hilarious in equal spades-let her crack your heart open & then blow your mind with her wisdom. 

Supriya J.

/ Media designer

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In all kinds of ways, if we are willing, our children take us into places in our heart we didn't know existed- Dr. Shefali

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Life's busy so, I created an online program that takes you through the step by step journey my Teachers took me through to help me connect with my children in a deeper more meaningful way. 

Join a Tribe of Mindful MAma's

Mom's love my SPREAD LOVE Meditation challenge. Everyday for 7 days I'll send you a guided meditation, inspirational quotes & pictures, a how to step by step process that will help you become successful in starting a meditation practice. 

Our next challenge begins January 3, 2020!

FREE tools to get through the day

I've created a library of practical tools & teachings to help us get through this amazing thing called parenting. 

If we show up more present our children have the potential to show up that way as well.

Join a Tribe of Mindful Mama's 

 The SPREAD LOVE Meditation Challenge Begins January 3, 2020